Friday, August 13, 2010

What Did You Do in College?

Glad you asked! I took the 5-year plan in college. For the English major. *sigh* This is one of those things were, if I could go back in time and slap my High School self straight I’d do it. Back then I was into programming, so I could have gone the whole comp sci route and actually have a marketable skill. Or I could have at least done a minor. My college Degrees looked like this:

Freshman Year: English Major
Sophomore Year: English Major, Geology Minor
Junior Year: English Major, Art Major
Senior Year: English Major, Art Major
Super Senior Year: English Major.

At least I came full circle? The reason for this is because at my school there is no Art Minor. I would have got one if there were one. The whole art department was organized ass backwards. For instance, in order to actually get into 95% of the art classes you had to be an art major (or minor but the art department didn’t offer a minor).

The reason for this is because there were already so many art majors they didn’t have room for other majors. I remember getting into my Metalsmithing class and watching an extra six people standing around looking for an override that they just couldn’t get. And the whole reason for me adding the art major was so that I could get two upper division elective credits to graduate. To be fair I could have graduated in the fall semester, but they were teaching how to cast in the spring and I was giddy about casting.

Things I would have done differently: Made better friends for rooming with. Seriously, I’ve had 7 or 8 roommates between my sophomore year and when I said “F*** that” my senior year and took an apartment by myself. I hate passive aggressive people, and no one would just tell me what I was doing that was bothering them. Roommates make life cheaper and less boring.

Picked some form of second major from the start. I mean really, I was interested in the same things I’m interested in now. In the same 5 years I could have graduated with two degrees that’s twice the marketability!

Taken MORE AP classes in high school. But then again I was a slacker. Though a lot of that I can attribute to no being challenged enough, but still I think my high school AP English classes were harder than some of my 400 level college courses.

Now, really, I doubt I’d change a thing. I met my girlfriend taking the beginning drawing class my junior year, if I had made all of those changes I wouldn’t have met her and that would just be a shame, she’d a cutie and I love her to death. And I learned a lot about the need for planning out a future, not just having a rough idea and winging it. That’s part of the reason for this blog; to figure out more than just a rough idea of where my life is headed.

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