Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque Debate

The 'Ground Zero Mosque' Debate: Exaggerating the Jihadist Threat

Good grief! Why is this even an issue? Legally, the mosque has every right to be built (it’s not just a mosque, it’s also a daycare, pool, cooking school and a few other things). So what if terrorists who happened to be Islamic attacked the world trade centers? Go to any mosque in he US and ask if those terrorists practiced real Islam? The answer you’ll hear time and time again is, “No, they were radicals, they don’t share the same beliefs that we do.”

Really, this is only an issue because it’s Islam and we are afraid of it. It’s sad to say. Now, are there other religions that have extremists that actually operate inside the US? Gee I don’t know maybe Fred Phelps? We allow them to protest at soldier’s funerals! And their right to do this is protected. So why should Islam be any different?

In the end it doesn’t mater if you support it or are against it. As far as the law is concerned, it should get built. Period. If you disagree with it tough, I don’t like what Fred Phelps does, I don’t like the religious extremists who came to my school year after year and told me I’m going to hell because I went to college.

I for one hope it gets built.

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