Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Brief Job Hunting History Part 2

So, last time we ended at the beginning of July.

July rolls around and I still have nothing. Well not true, I have an interview about an hour away, I have heard back from one of the marketing internships saying they’ll contact for interviews after the 4th (by after the 4th they meant two weeks after, but hey they’re who I got an internship from), and another place had secluded a phone interview.

The interview I was excited for, finally a chance to bust out my suit and meet people in person. The position was a paid internship (the holy grail of internships, this gig was $15 an hour) doing marketing work for an oil and gas company. They made these things called plunger lifts that more or less revolutionized oil and gas wells. Any way after several days of researching them I was prepared to make a good impression proving I was knowledgeable about the company and that I would be a good worker. The good news is, out of 70+ some odd applications they did 10 phone interviews (mine was while I was driving down in Denver with the girlfriend hehe), and out of those 10 they only did 4 interviews. But since you know that my internship is unpaid you know that I didn’t land this one. But hey top 4, that’s like an honorable mention!

So, move forward a few weeks with me sending out more resumes and I get an interview for my current internship. I had sent out an application at the end of May, I couldn’t even remember what I had applied for. It turns out the internship is a perfect fit. They want me to work on their social media (I.E. make a blog (gee another reason for doing this blog (and oh no the parentheses of doom!)), twitter, facebook, ect.), I’d do some writing, copy, creative and technical, and some design work. Fantastic right? At first I though I didn’t get the position. At the end of the interview they said that they were really looking for a student (AHHH why didn’t I think of looking for cool internships my super senior year?!), but that they would keep me in mind. Two weeks later I hadn’t heard from them so I decide to call and ask how things are going. My new boss said that she was just going to call me and schedule a start date. Yay! I landed an unpaid internship almost right out of college! Haha, well I figure it’s a step in the right direction. I start the day I get back from this Ecuador trip.

See you all on the 30th

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