Friday, August 13, 2010

First Post

So, a little background is in order.

I am a proud owner of an English Degree concentrating in Creative Writing. I graduated from a Colorado State University this past May, and have since been searching for something. Anything. I'm living off my parents money and will be starting an (unpaid) internship the 30th of August with nothing but my old, crappy, part time job to attempt to build up some revenue stream for when my parents decide paying for my rent and food is a waste and I should move home. (Note: home is far away, and they are moving somewhere else sometime in the next 3-9 months so moving home is not the best of ideas)

I'm not sure what I intend to write in this blog. Part of it is to get me writing again, being a creative writer and not writing is like being a body builder and sitting on the couch all day. Not very conducive to keeping up with mad skills. Another part is to chronicle my struggle to find an actual 'Big Boy' job. Other parts are to figure out finances, my relationships, and well my life.

And here lies my Insomnia. I haven't been diagnosed or anything, it's just my sleeping schedule goes FUBAR whenever I don't have something to regulate it. I.E. School. I remember vividly one winter break it got so bad I was sleeping from 8 AM - 4 PM and stuck being awake all night. It's not like I try to stay up late. But with my current job I don't get home until 11 at the earliest, and on weekends/bad nights 2 AM is not unusual. And then I get stuck in bed THINKING for eons and eons and look at the clock and see it's been 10 minutes and I curse my brain for keeping me up. Hopefully my internship will fix this problem

So, welcome to my first post. I'm hoping to post just about every day that I physically can.

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