Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Google vs Bing!

So, working on coming back to the blog scene! My whole three followers will be ecstatic!

So I’ll start this post with something taken from the Google Blog

Basically, Bing (Microsoft’s Search Engine) is stealing searches from Google.

It all started with tarsorrhaphy. Really. As it happens, tarsorrhaphy is a rare surgical procedure on eyelids. And in the summer of 2010, we were looking at the search results for an unusual misspelled query [torsorophy]. Google returned the correct spelling—tarsorrhaphy—along with results for the corrected query. At that time, Bing had no results for the misspelling. Later in the summer, Bing started returning our first result to their users without offering the spell correction (see screenshots below). This was very strange. How could they return our first result to their users without the correct spelling? Had they known the correct spelling, they could have returned several more relevant results for the corrected query.

It works pretty reliably too, for instance “bent 42 bacon” returns the same top result on both engines Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries, sounds tasty)

Note: The same top result appears on all engines, but anything about bacon wrapped sweet potato fries is too good to pass up

There are some notable differences however. For instance, “tyfography staw” returns corrected as “Typography star” on both engines, but Google’s results point to Star Trek typography stuff, where as Bing sends you to Star Wars typography posters.

And after a few minutes of comment reading via Gizmodo it looks like this isn’t illegal. To quote the VERY FIRST comment,
“Bing is not "stealing" google search results. They are data mining through an OPT-IN program that google knowingly agreed to, and now google is attempting to use it for PR purposes.”

Both have good points, Google’s pissed that Bing can freely, “steal” search results a few weeks after they’re posted on Google, conveniently side stepping the years it took to perfect the complex searching and logging algorithms that Google uses. But on the other hand, it’s like still pushing dial-up when we can use broadband Internet, Microsoft has the information in their hands via the methods they’re using to get these results, and they’re accurate results.

It also will not stop Microsoft from developing their own search algorithms because why wait a week to get a search result from Bing when you can get it today from Google?

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