Thursday, September 9, 2010

Restaurant review: The Beach House, Fort Collins

Food, can’t live with out it. Unfortunately, good food costs money. And where as I can get by on Ramen and rice it’s not exactly an ideal lifestyle. The way I see it, good food doesn’t just feed you, it feeds the soul.

Of course there’s always a catch to food. My girlfriend calls me a picky eater. And it’s probably true. I’ll try anything once, but if I don’t like something I’ll avoid it.

That being said, when I find a good restaurant I find a good restaurant. What do I define as good? Good food, good service, good price, good atmosphere. Pretty much in that order. For me, the number one most important thing is the food. It doesn’t mater if the service is crap, or if it’s a bit pricy. IF the food’s good I’ll eat there. With certain limitations of course, I wont spend $80 if it’s crap service, and I wont wait an hour to place my order. But other than that food reigns supreme.

Just today I ate at such a place that I felt I should write about it. Up in Fort Collins there’s a relatively new restaurant named The Beach House Grill. The place replaces the old Stonehouse Grill, replacing Scottish theme with an Island themed place. We got there, and got seated right away, the waitress was nice and the atmosphere was good, albeit a bit cheesy (a mannequin put into a wet suit hanging from the ceiling “snorkeling” is a bit too much for me).

The food was a bit pricy. $8 burger, $10 for a “Torta” (sandwich type thingy. I got a Cuban :D). One thing that I really hate that’s been a rising trend in the midscale restaurants is charging a lot for drinks. I understand charging two bucks for a soda, but some places are up to three dollars for a drink. Personally I think it’s ridiculous but hey, they have to nickel and dime you some way. Here the drinks were $2.50, and that’s about where I draw the line, but I’m a sucker for Iced tea.

The food was good, actually it was really good, and my sandwich was HUGE, like at least a pound of meat and toppings. The girlfriend got a hamburger (protein style because she can’t have gluten). She said it was good and it had big lettuce for the lettuce wrap (which is kind of rare in restaurants). On top of that they didn’t charge to ‘upgrade’ to sweet potato fries like most places do.

The service the whole time was spot on. I’m not sure if it’s because that’s how it is or if it’s because it was kinda slow. Either way I can’t complain about the service.

Overall I give the Beach House an 8.5 out of 10, the place was good, but a bit pricy. I’d recommend trying it sometime!

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