Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog Status Update

I’m back! After the trip, then working, then getting sick, it’s been a while.

I’m trying something new-ish. Every Sunday I’m going to post some of my writing. Last Sunday was an older poem of mine from class. I’m going to try to write NEW poems and NEW stories, but if I can’t I get to use old writing until I run out. Don’t worry, I wont subject any of you to crappy high school love poems I promise.

So lets come back with a post about food. I love food.


  1. Oh I don't know, sappy high school love poems aren't so bad. They can be good for a laugh- especially if they rhyme! Although judging from the other poetry on your blog "prisoner of my own demise" etc., romantic poetry might not be your thing. You should have "THE GIRLFRIEND" weigh in on that one. ;) She'd probably have something to say on that issue.

  2. I was trying to copy one of my favorite poems by Susan Stewart. It's called "Two Brief Views of Hell" (here's (here's an audio clip of it.) It's fantastic how it can be read forwards and backwards. So I tried to make a poem that did that and got nowhere near the same results she did. But at least I tried! :D

    (And yes, I stole a line or two from her. Shhhhh)